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Annual subscriptions covers the Scout Association membership and insurance, plus general running costs for the HQ, but unfortunately there isnt enough left in the kitty for the maintainance & replacement of Group equipment. This is where we need help.

It’s fantastic to have a group of people who appreciate the hard work that goes into running a Scout Group and take the pressure from the leaders by organising fundraising events, social events, family events and raise money for equipment.

We are very lucky at 5th Preston with the equipment we have: canoes, kayaks, our own minibus & luggage trailer, tents etc – not all Groups have this luxury. Having our own minibus  means that on the whole, parents don’t need to be asked to transport members to and from events / camps etc. However, we do need to tax and insure the bus, which is a costly exercise. Some of our tents have survived well, but they do need maintaining and replacing when necessary. Cooking equipment needs updating and tables & chairs don’t last forever. These things are all provided for with fundraising events usually organised by the supporters group.

  • We currently have a very small, but active team of people who meet up to brainstorm ideas for fundraising events and help run the events.
  • The Group meets perhaps twice a term to decide on events and plan them.
  • They attend the events to help out with setting up, run stalls (depending on the event), making tea, serving supper, clearing away.

The team do a fantastic job, but we desperately need more willing volunteers who can help out when needed—Male and Female. We understand that people have very busy lives, but we have to ask if you could volunteer a few hours here and there – there are many ways you can assist.

  • you can volunteer to join our little group to offer ideas and assist at events.
  • perhaps you know of funds / grants / awards we can apply for
  • maybe you can assist with the newsletter
  • maybe you would like to help organise a unique event.

We would really appreciate any help on offer.

EASY PEASY FUNDRAISING: Any easy way to help – without even leaving your house.

If you shop on line, Simply

  1. Log onto
  2. Register to support 5th Preston (St Cuthbert’s) Scout Group,
  3. Use the links on the web site to shop as normal.

All the on line shops are there: Next, Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, ELC, Game, HMV, Currys, ToysRus. The list is endless. It really is that easy & we could benefit by up to 15% of your bill at no extra cost to you.

NB: You can now Gift Aid your donation as well

Awards and Funding

Lots of companies, banks and the large retailers in particular, offer community pots to charities such as Scout Groups to which their employees are connected. In some cases these awards can be up to £500 per year every year and we have benefited greatly from this generosity as it has allowed us to purchase new tents, canoes and climbing equipment. Please let us know if you think you might be able to access funds like this.

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